Jessica Dunn, LPN

Meet Jessica Dunn, a LPN, in the Overland Park region!

“Seeing my kiddo smile when I walk in the door, when he reaches his arm out to snuggle and give me hugs, when his parents thank me for being here, provides me with the passion to do what I do Taking care of the most precious gifts doesn’t feel like just a job or another obligation, it makes you feel like family. I know am truly making a difference In a positive way not just in their life but mine also!”

“I am a mother of 6 children with 4 boys and 2 girls. I enjoy spending time with family! Family is definitely important to me, along with traveling and visiting new places whether it’s in town or while on vacation.”

“I honestly chose homecare because it fit with my busy schedule. I am able to get my children to school and be home with them in the evenings and still make their extracurricular activities along with building bonds with the family and kiddo that I care for. It is truly a great experience.”

“When I first graduated home care was not something I was thrilled about but yet I dove right in, and you know what it’s amazing!  Phoenix is truly the first company that I have worked for who truly means what they say and has your back 100 percent and will guide you through any questions you may have and if something isn’t fitting or an issue arises, they truly help you solve the problem and help you find your happiness in the work field. It has been a true blessing.”#LPNSpotlight#PhoenixOverlandPark#ComeSoarWithTeamPhoenix

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