Linda Bricker, RN

Meet Linda Bricker! Linda is an RN in the Overland Park area.

We asked Linda to share with us what gives her the passion to do what she does. She said, “Being able to guide family members through the provided care and options for their goals. Seeing them incorporate options into the patient’s daily routine is rewarding.”

We asked Linda, “Why Phoenix Home Care & Hospice?” She replied, “I like the one-on-one individual caregiving instead of the busy hospital environment. We get to really know the patient and family members. Phoenix is well-run and outwardly REALLY cares about their nurses.”

We asked Linda to share what she would like people to know who are contemplating a career with Phoenix. She said, “Phoenix has our backs, literally, and as support to help us do our jobs. The Clinical Nurse Managers and the office scheduling staff respond to our phone call questions quickly. The employee orientation is excellent and relevant. As a matter of usual routine, field nurses can visit case assignments first, before being scheduled with them. Depending on hours worked, some life insurance is provided, and vision and dental plans are inexpensive options, along with health insurance.”

“It is nice working with other Phoenix nurses on cases. I know they’ll arrive on time, complete the tasks for their shift, and provide complete care. This decreases stress and makes my shift and interactions with the family much smoother.”

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