Phoenix Spotlight on Tinea Mueller, LPN from the St. Louis office!

Tinea says her passion comes from wanting to be a nurse at a young age and the love that God has given her for wanting to help individuals. She wants to assist individuals to have a better quality of life in theirs homes. She chose Phoenix Home Care in St. Louis because of their Christ-like values, their desire to see all clients are treated with respect and their never-ending work ethic to get the client’s hours filled.

“Phoenix is a great company to work for. They work hard to get the individual the hours they need and they have good benefits. If you have any questions, the office staff is only a phone call away and someone will help get the answer to your question.”

Tinea says The X-factor means that Phoenix is seeing that she gets the training she need to be able to take care of her client/clients. “I love that Phoenix shares the same compassion, passion and honesty that I myself put into every shift I work/every client I take care of.This company has goals that I have been looking for in an employer for a long time. I enjoy working for Phoenix Home Care!”

She is pictured below with her client, Emilia.

Tinea, Thank you for your commitment to Phoenix Home Care!

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