Spotlight Michelle Adeniyi, LPN from Columbia, MO

Phoenix Spotlight on Michelle Adeniyi, LPN from Columbia, MO!
Michelle says she loves helping people and loves working with children.
When she graduated from nursing school her interest WAS home care but she was lead down a different path at that time. She said, “In the end I have come to where I was supposed to be from the very beginning and I am loving my new career.” She also said she is grateful for the opportunity of a new beginning with Phoenix
A few words from Michelle, “Home health care has its ups and downs. At PHOENIX they don’t just SAY their nurses are most important to them, they embrace us all with all our uniqueness and make every attempt to place us where we are needed, wanted and appreciated. They are committed to their nursing staff. I have not experienced that anywhere else.”
“There are times my client families don’t know what they can expect from their nursing staff. I go into the home with the attitude of I am there to help. I am there to listen. I am there to do the best I am capable of doing which gives them the confidence and security that their loved one is being not just cared for but also cared about, even in their absence. When I go to my client family home I always have a happy attitude because I find personal joy and fulfillment in caring for their special children. I tell my team leaders all the time — I want to be a part of the solution NOT a part of a problem.”
Thank you Michelle for all you do!

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