How to Adjust to Your Home Care Job

Home healthcare nurse working with Senior patient

Starting any new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Home care jobs are no different. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can hit the ground running as a home care professional. Today, the team at Phoenix Home Care will share a few tips you can employ to make sure you start your home care career off on the right foot.

Tips to Prepare For Your Home Care Job

  • Start with a conversation – It’s vital to begin your relationship with your patient by understanding their needs and preferences. Each patient is unique, and addressing their concerns early can help to eliminate potential problems before they arise. This will also allow your patient to get to know you and become more comfortable being around you.
  • Avoid physical overexertion – One mistake many new home care workers make is risking unnecessary back injuries. There will be times when you may be tempted to lift more than you are comfortable with. If lifting an object or person seems like it may be dangerous, be sure to get help. 
  • Understand your patient’s health issues – When it comes to your patient’s health, you are the expert. Make sure you understand, and are comfortable with, any health issues they may have. Preparation is crucial to your success, so take the time to make sure you are ready to serve.
  • Remain flexible – The reality of home care service is that there will be things that arise unexpectedly. If you are mentally ready to roll up your sleeves and take on challenges, you will excel in your job. 
  • Use your resources – There will inevitably be questions that you may be uncertain about. Never be afraid to reach out to your support team or co-workers if you have questions. Your team is there to assist you, even if you are the only one with the patient.

Interested in a Home Care Job with Phoenix Home Care?

If you are interested in joining the Phoenix Home Care family, we would love to hear from you. Our team is made of dependable, passionate people, and we are always on the lookout for more. To browse available positions or learn more about what it means to work for Phoenix Home Care, visit our careers page online. Or reach out to our friendly staff at 888-830-2388 to learn more.

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