Adryan Hauck

Spotlight on Adryan Hauck, Caregiver, Wichita KS

Adryan gets her passion from the people she is blessed with meeting and working with on a daily basis. She loves hearing about the client’s lives, and being able to care for them as they’ve cared for others.

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Adryan says she was fortunate to stumble upon Phoenix through a friend. Phoenix has the same core values that she believes in on a personal level. “Ever day I am thankful for the opportunity to grow with this amazing company.”

For those of you considering working for Phoenix…Adryan has a message…. “You won’t find a better company to work for, our patients are amazing, the staff in the office treats you like family…

Adryan…you are an amazing Phoenix family member! Thank you for your dedication and compassion to team Phoenix, and our clients!

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