Amanda Bailey

Meet Amanda Bailey, an outstanding nurse in our St. Louis Region!

“My passion comes from my clients. My clients drive me every day to provide the best possible care for them. Not only do they deserve the best possible care but they work hard every day to deal with their conditions, and for that they drive my passion to return to them the best care I can give them. If I can walk into a home and my client greets me with a smile despite their hardships I know I can make it through any day that is thrown at me.”

“Home care is a wonderful place to provide nursing care. You get to know your patients on a deeper level. You can provide care to their specific needs. Working every day with the same people, you are rewarded with first hand witnessing their progresses and being involved in their entire line of care every step of the way. Phoenix gives me the opportunity to not only work with individuals in their home but pediatric individuals in their homes.”

“Phoenix Home Care is a great company to work for. They work with their employees to set a satisfying schedule. There is always support at the other end of the phone. They care about their clients and families needs. They truly are Care oriented.”

The X Factor is the personal and professional abilities of our nurses to use their experience, orientation to serve, skill set, optimism, passion and honesty to bring the very best care to our clients and their families.

Amanda stated, “The X Factor to me is a standard of living. It is a goal that is to be completed every day. The X Factor means a happy client and family to me. It’s a strive for excellence and our clients deserve nothing less.”

Stop by our St. Louis office today!

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