Amy Griffin

“I love to care for people and help them live a productive life as much as possible.”

“I enjoy spending time with my husband that I married back in May of  2020.  I also enjoy spending time with my Grandchildren of which I have 14 now.  I also love working in the yard.”

“I enjoy doing home care because I feel individuals should be able to stay at home with their families and enjoy life as much as possible.  Individuals with disabilities and medical issues need the support of their families and friends around them in the comfort of their own home.  They need to be in familiar surroundings and have familiar faces daily.  I believe in home care also to help support the families.”

” I chose Phoenix because I see how much they not only care for the clients but also how much they care about their staff.  I love working with individuals from other cultures and learn their beliefs.  The case managers and all office staff are very willing to help field staff when needed and answer questions when we have them.”

“Phoenix is a wonderful company to work for.  They do not treat staff just as staff they treat you as a family.  You are not just a body to them, you matter.” 

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