Benefits of a Phoenix Home Care Pharmacy Wichita, KS

The need to manage multiple medications can be difficult, especially if you deal with a chronic illness or you’re unable to make it to a pharmacy due to mobility or health problems. If you live in the Wichita, Kansas, area and you have these issues, Phoenix Home Health Care’s Pharmacy may be the solution to your problem. 

Refills With Ease

Older patients or those with severe medical issues may have problems visiting the pharmacy every week to refill their prescriptions. Phoenix Home Care relieves that duty with our pharmacy program. Patients who decide to use our pharmacy have a team of professionals that manage their prescriptions and refills for them. Don’t worry about scheduling a refill or making a pick-up at the store. We’ve got it all taken care of as your medications are shipped directly to your door when you need them. 

A Team of Pharmacists That Works for You

Our team will do everything in its power to ensure that our patients have the correct medications at any given time. To double check, we call each of our patients before delivery, just to be sure the prescription doesn’t need to be altered or changed in any way. If you have questions or problems with your medication, our team is just a quick call away, and we’re happy to help.

Medication Delivery

The Phoenix Home Care Pharmacy uses WellPack, a delivery system to help patients manage their medications as best as possible. Each package sorts the patient’s medication into individual pouches with times and dates labeled on the exterior of the pouch according to your doctor’s instructions. By organizing your medications, it ensures that you acquire the appropriate dosage at the right time with no complications. No more having to sort and sift through multiple bottles and capsules, WellPack makes sure you’ll receive the right medication every time. 

Try Our Pharmacy Program

If you’re a current customer of Phoenix Home Health Care in Wichita, Kansas, or if you’re tired of managing your medications yourself, you may be an eligible candidate for our pharmacy program. Let our program take the complications out of life, and reach out today by completing our contact form.

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