Briana Villatora, LPN

Meet Briana Villatora, a LPN, in the Wichita region! 

“It has always been a passion of mine to become a nurse, working with special needs children and families was just an added perk. When I am allowed to help a child reach a milestone or gain a fraction of independence it is such an incredible feeling. What we do plays an important role in making sure that children can be home with their families and live life as normally as possible, as well as give parents the confidence and peace of mind that they can relax a bit.” 

“Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my children, crafting and renovating our new home.” 

“While Home Care was not always in my long-term plans, it was something I chose due to its flexibility. Having a large family and continuing my nursing education, home care became promising. After experiencing the rewarding side, I have become addicted to working with patients in their homes. Phoenix has been a huge part of my Nursing career. Phoenix gave me my start in pediatrics, any challenges I have faced, I have always been able to resolve any issues with support of the management team.  While that might seem like a minor thing, I can assure you it is not.  One consistent issue that most home care companies face is turn around as well as lack of communication. While having a huge turn around comes with the territory of home care, I can honestly say communication and support has been great, which puts Phoenix above other similar agencies.” 

“If you enjoy problem solving, and working with special kiddos Home Care something you should try. I was originally worried working in a home setting, I would possibly get ” rusty” on some nursing skills. If anything, it has been the opposite, especially in regards to trachs, g-tubes and things of that nature. Working with them regularly in a one-on-one setting has allowed me to master those skills in a low pressure/stress environment.” 

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