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Can Nurses Work Flexible Hours?

Our Nursing Jobs Offer Schedules You Can Set Yourself

If you’re anything like the rest of the members of Team Phoenix, you went into nursing because you wanted to make an impact. At some point, you recognized your gift for healing, compassion, and care, and wanted to share that with as many patients as possible.

But not every workplace is created equally, and the confines of the four walls of the hospital or clinic hours aren’t for everyone. A work environment that doesn’t coincide with your needs can lead to burnout and stress.

But what if there was a solution? What if you could find flexible hours and a leadership team that sets you up for success because they want you to maximize your gifts for healthcare? What if your day-to-day routine included feeling acknowledged and rewarded by your employer?

Fortunately, this solution is Phoenix Home Care & Hospice. Read on to see what our employees say about their careers in home nursing with Team Phoenix, and learn about the flexibility and benefits that come with our sought-after jobs in private duty nursing, hospice nursing, and more.

Our Nursing Jobs Are Flexible, Rewarding, and Empowering

The best way to find out if a nursing job with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice is right for you is to read our team’s testimonies about their experience of working with us. We’re proud to say that when we hire you, we build a relationship and provide leadership that helps you build your career. We help you make the kind of difference you’ve always wanted to make in nursing and other care roles, too.

“I can be a mom, but also be an OT due to the flexibility, partnership with my fellow clinicians, and wonderful leadership,” says one of our occupational therapists, Caitlin Colteryahn.

We are deeply proud that team members like Caitlin have time to dedicate themselves to their children and the career of their choice in a work culture that feels supportive and warm. Work-life balance is very important to us at Phoenix Home Care & Hospice.

Another current employee speaks to our scheduling and the efforts we make to ensure our team feels valued: “I love the flexibility of home care. Phoenix really cares about their employees and makes you feel appreciated. They’ve got great patients and the company goes above and beyond for their employees.”

Learn More About the Flexibility and Benefits Available to You with Our Nursing Jobs

When you receive an offer for employment with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, you no longer have to worry about grueling shifts and strict schedules that prevent you from spending time with family. On our team, you set your own work schedule. You can make personal appointments, be there for child pick-up and drop-offs, and never miss out on key events.

At Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, we treat our team members with the respect they deserve. After all, extraordinary care for our team means extraordinary care for our patients. We know you need to recharge to be able to give of yourself, and that’s exactly why we allow our nurses to design their own flexible schedules.

At Phoenix Home Care & Hospice, you can expect this kind of work culture:

  • We assign a manageable list of patients, so you can focus on providing the best one-on-one care possible.
  • We allow you to set a schedule that provides flexibility for life’s many responsibilities. Parents can even create a schedule that allows for more family time.
  • All our nurses work with a single patient during a visit to their home.
  • Our teams collaborate to provide the many types of care our patients need.

It becomes clear that our roles – whether you’re interested in becoming a hospice nurse, private duty nurse, or any of our other open positions – offer something quite different than what you may have experienced in the past. We’re revolutionizing care for the benefit of our patients – and also for nurses who desire a rich career that respects time and expertise.

Find Out More About Our Nursing Jobs Today

Browse open positions today and review individual job descriptions, requirements, and available benefits.

Depending on the role you apply for, these benefits may be available:

  • Referral or sign-on bonuses
  • Flexible hours
  • Annual bonuses, depending on your role’s eligibility
  • Medical plans for full and part-time employees, including spousal coverage
  • 401k
  • PTO
  • Paid training and professional development

Apply now for a role as a hospice nurse, private duty nurse, or one of our many other positions. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your skills, experience, and passion for home healthcare!

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