Carla Gerard, LPN

Meet Carla Gerard! Carla is an LPN in our Lebanon region! 

 “What gives me the passion to do what I do is a firm belief in God. I believe if you exhibit compassion and caring you touch so many lives and everyone has had a moment in their lives when they really needed someone to stand up for them and to take care of them.”

 “The reason that I chose Phoenix was because of Shelly Perrin, from the Phoenix Lebanon office. She is hands down one of the best human beings I have ever met in my entire life. She is a wonderful caregiver, nurse, friend, and boss.” 

 “I would tell anyone who works for Phoenix how much they are needed and appreciated how much their decision has changed the lives of others and how grateful I am that they have came aboard to provide Compassionate Care with the rest of the team. “

 “The X Factor, to me, means a guideline to perform care. It encompasses all of the values that people go into the medical field for.” 

 Interested in an opportunity to serve with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice like Carla? Apply today at or call/text a recruiter at 855-881-7442.

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