Chronic Conditions That May Require Long-Term & In-Home Care

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice wants you or your loved one to heal comfortably at home, whether you are recovering after a hospital stay or you need extra help with a chronic, long-term condition. Medicare recipients can benefit from doctor-prescribed in-home care services for long-term care of chronic conditions. Today’s blog from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice details chronic conditions that may require long-term care and in-home care.

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A stroke can cause serious, long-term health problems and handicaps. Strokes affect the brain, but they can paralyze parts of the body, impact the ability to speak, and cause decreased motor function. In-home care and home health care staff can help with chores around the house and monitor the patient’s medical condition to make sure your loved one stays healthy during recovery.


Diabetes, especially Type I diabetes, requires continual monitoring when it comes to blood sugar and glucose levels. There are home monitoring options, but someone under a doctor’s care may need extra support when managing medications, food preparation, and diet. In-home care can be a vital lifeline for someone who has diabetes. 


Dementia is hard on loved ones and family members alike. Someone suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s may slowly slip away as their memory fades. Dementia can be terribly difficult. Having an in-home caregiver who specializes in dementia can make healing easier as time passes.


Arthritis limits the patient’s mobility and motor skills. This disease can affect someone’s hands, arms, legs, back, or hips. The doctor may prescribe medication, exercise, surgery, or a combination of treatments to help ease the condition. In-home care specialists at Phoenix Home Care assist you or your loved one by helping with mobility around the house, preventing slips and falls, and performing chores that require a lot of movement such as laundry or cooking.


Someone undergoing cancer treatments may suffer from debilitating pain, particularly if their doctor prescribes chemotherapy. In-home care workers make healing from chemo easier and more manageable when you or your loved one is fatigued or exhausted from the treatment. 

Heart Disease

Heart disease takes its toll on the entire body. In-home care following a hospital stay may create better healing pathways. Healing in familiar surroundings also offers a way for your loved one to rest in the comfort of their own home. Our skilled nurses can monitor the heart condition and medications, along with making recommendations for an easier transition to healing after a hospital stay.

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In-Home Care by Phoenix Home Care

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice provides skilled nursing services for clients with chronic medical conditions or who need extra assistance after a hospital stay. Consider in-home services from our team if you or your loved one needs some extra help when healing at home. Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 for more details.

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