Congratulations to our Springfield RAFE Winners!!!

Congratulations to our Springfield RAFE Winners!!!

Amy Eike, has been with Phoenix since 2/10/2014. Job title- Hospitality Specialist Supervisor an interesting fact about Amy is, “by the time I was 10 years old I’d been to 37 states Canada and Mexico. My parents were in there 40’s when they had me and strangers thought they were my grandparents.”

Megan Young has been with phoenix since 3/24/14. Job title – Private Care Supervisor. An interesting fact about Megan is, “I have 5 brothers and 1 sister.”

Courtney Stowe has been with Phoenix since 4/22/13. Job title- Accounting Administrative Support and interesting fact about Courtney is “I have been to 48 states as well as Canada.”

Jessy Sharif has been with Phoenix since 5/13/2011. Job title- PDN Program Manager an interesting fact about Jessy is, “I have 5 gorgeous kids.”

Sherrie Connor has been with Phoenix since 7/2011. Job title- HH coordinator an interesting fact about Sherrie is, “I have the BEST daughter and the BEST grand kids around.”

Teasha Bolin has been with phoenix since 4/2013. Job title- QA Nurse an interesting fact about Teasha is, “I am the oldest of 8 kids.”

Whitney Hall (in red next photo) has been with Phoenix since 4/13. Job title- Nurse Recruiter an interesting fact about Whitney is, “I am a natural blonde.”

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