Denise Bales, RN, BSN, Med-surg Certified

Meet Denise Bales, RN, BSN, Med-surg Certified! Denise is an RN in the Independence region.

“The personal value that I get out of nursing is the level of trust that you can develop with patients and families. Trust is something you can’t buy and it’s truly priceless. I try to stay eagerly involved in works that can make a positive difference in the world. There is an increasing need for people to serve the community, to care and assist others. The only way for humanity to move forward toward a more positive future is if enough individuals work for towards that end.”

“I have been a nurse for 10 years. But I became discouraged working in the hospitals and thought I would try Home care. Phoenix impressed me with their mission statement and their simple commitments to making a positive impact among families that struggle everyday to care for loved ones who are special needs or chronically ill. Phoenix’ philosophies reflect my own personal commitments. It was a good fit for me.”

“It is a good place to work. They treat me with respect, kindness and have been true to their word. I feel a great deal of trust coming from my immediate supervisors and the families where I work. This has been good experience.”

“The X Factor means sincerely working to make the world a better place one day at time. It is the heart of each nurse serving their patients and families with integrity and knowing that your individual contribution makes an impact in the lives that you touch.”

“Thank you for this opportunity.”

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