Elderly Care: How to Prepare Your Home for Surgery Recovery

A little bit of preparation to get your home ready before your surgery can help to ease the transition to home care and make a significant difference in your recovery. Today, the Phoenix Home Care experts share a few tips and helpful hints that you can use around the house before you undergo surgery.

Prepare Your Home for Surgery Recovery

Since you will be spending the majority of your recovery at home, it is crucial that you prepare your living area ahead of time. Your mobility will be limited at first, so you should prepare easy access to all of the essentials needed to make it through the first few days. Some of the items you may need include medication, reading materials, phone chargers, tv remotes, blankets, and healthy snacks. You want these in a convenient area so you can move around as little as possible.

Set up your recovery area: Set up your recovery area on the first floor if possible; stairs can be difficult to traverse after surgery. If your bedroom is on the second floor, consider setting up a temporary sleep area on the first floor. 

Remove hazards: Remove any obstacles that will potentially trip you up. Rugs, loose carpets, wires in walkways, ottomans, and similar hazards should be removed or secured so you don’t risk a trip and fall situation.

Meal Prep: Stock up on easy-to-prepare meals ahead of time if you don’t have someone to cook for you. You can meal prep a week’s worth of meals and freeze extras, so you cover your nutritional requirements without having to spend time cooking. If you aren’t much of a cook, consider purchasing frozen meals that can easily be prepared in a microwave or toaster oven. 

Consider a Home Care Professional

Home care professionals can provide help and support to make the transition from surgery to home smooth and easy. They can observe and assess your condition after surgery to make sure your recovery is going well. They can perform the day-to-day tasks to help you remain comfortable while you heal. 

Depending on the home care service you choose, a home care professional can also help you begin the rehabilitation process. Home care is designed to give you professional healthcare assistance from the comfort of your own home. It can make all the difference in your recovery experience.

Contact Phoenix Home Care for More Information

Our caregivers are committed to improving the quality of life of the people we serve. Their combination of innovation, skill, and Christ-like values of compassion, honesty, and patience have led to Phoenix Home Care being the most respected in-home care service across the Midwest. If you are facing surgery and want to ensure your recovery process is as smooth as possible, contact the Phoenix Home Care team today at 1-888-830-2388.

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