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Ensure Your Child’s Wellness at Home with Private Duty Nursing

Pediatric Private Duty Nursing Is a Powerful Choice for Children and Young Adults

Children with specialized needs deserve the world. They deserve every advantage and opportunity they can receive to meet their daily challenges and experience a high quality of life.

But no parent should have to go it alone or resign their children to living in a clinical setting. Compassionate, skilled professionals exist who have dedicated their professional lives to partnering with parents to provide specialized care for children. These committed individuals provide pediatric private duty nursing, so your child or young adult can receive the medical and personal attention they need in the most comfortable, convenient, and consistent place possible: home.

Find out more about how Phoenix Home Care & Hospice private duty nursing provides the assistance and relief you need to give your child or young adult exactly what they require to thrive.

Your Child Has Individualized Needs. They Need Individualized Care.

Your child has needs that require diligent, skillful nursing care, so they can effectively receive the treatment they require and feel as well as possible. Your child may have several important medical needs that need to be addressed at once.

However, your child is so much more than a list of medical needs. You know them as a person and understand that they require a certain approach to their treatment that will make them feel comforted, safe, cared for, and seen for who they are.

A pediatric private duty nurse ensures your child or young adult’s medical needs are met at home. Private duty nurses from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice address your child’s care in a way that is expertly customized and lovingly considerate of who your child is.

Pediatric private duty nurses provide a great deal of medical care, not limited to these complex and vital tasks:

  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Ventilator management
  • Assisted coughing
  • IV therapy

Other key services include medication administration, medication management, regular blood draws, injections, and more.

Private duty nursing services allow your child to receive additional treatment modalities, such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. These services are offered in the comfort of your home, too.

When you need a rest from serving as a family caregiver, a private duty nurse can also provide respite care, so you can manage other tasks and responsibilities, including work, caring for other children in the home, and much more. Many parents find that respite care is also a way to prevent caregiver exhaustion, so you can return refreshed to your child’s needs.

You no longer have to feel unsure how you’ll manage every aspect of your child’s care or stress about your child’s long-term stays in hospitals. You have an entire team behind you when you elect Phoenix Home Care & Hospice private duty nursing near you. Agencies that provide care for children at home aren’t all made equally. It takes an experienced, passionate team to provide what your child deserves.

What the Best Pediatric Private Duty Nurses Provide

An outstanding private duty nursing agency near you takes their responsibility incredibly seriously. They understand the powerful nature of what they do. They know that long-term private duty nurses often become “a part of the family” and develop meaningful relationships with both the child and the family as a whole.

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice private duty nurses deliver these crucial benefits for your child:

  1. Personalization: Your child receives one-on-one care, informed by their evolving needs. Our private duty nurses aren’t just experienced medical professionals; they’re also exceptionally gifted at connecting with children to make them feel cared for.
  2. Expertise at a moment’s notice: The help of an experienced nurse can make a significant difference during complex health situations.
  3. Proactive healthcare: There’s less likelihood of hospital readmissions when needs are addressed proactively.
  4. Enrichment for a higher quality of life: Children can receive additional support from the Phoenix team, including help attending doctor’s visits, going to school, attending camps, participating in the Special Olympics, and other important activities that help them thrive.

Private Duty Nursing Services You Can Trust

Phoenix is the trusted name in private duty nursing. This trust is the result of successfully helping children experience a better quality of life as they grow, and helping families develop a rhythm and routine that includes their child’s healthcare needs.

For private duty nursing near you, no agency can recreate the all-encompassing care that Phoenix Home Care & Hospice provides. Families of children and young adults with specialized needs have a lot on their plate. Let Phoenix’s private duty nursing team lend a hand. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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