Private Nurse Going Over a Patient’s Medications at Home

How Home Care Pharmacy Service Makes Your Life Easier

If you or a loved one take medication on a regular basis to treat a condition such as asthma, diabetes, or high blood pressure, home care pharmacy service with Phoenix Home Care may be the most convenient option for you. 

It is difficult to keep track of multiple medications that may need to be taken at different times throughout the day. This can be especially problematic for older individuals that need to manage multiple conditions. At Phoenix Home Care in Independence, we are excited to offer our pharmacy program to help alleviate the difficulties inherent in medicine management. 

Prescription Refills

When your medication runs out, dealing with prescription refills can be one of the most frustrating steps of the process. We employ a team of pharmacy professionals to manage refills for our patients. We also arrange delivery to your home, so you don’t have to worry about running out of your medicine or planning trips to visit the pharmacy each month.

Expert Advice 

Managing your medication can be both frustrating and confusing. That is why Phoenix has our pharmacy team schedule monthly calls with each of our patients prior to sending your prescription refill. We also work closely with your physician to ensure proper care is coordinated with everyone involved. If anything regarding your medication needs changes, Phoenix Home Care will work hard to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

Daily Medicine 

The Independence Phoenix Pharmacy team offers our WellPack medication delivery system to take the guesswork out of your daily medication. Each WellPack is designed with individual pouches that store your medication. The pouches are then sorted by the time of day in which you should take them according to your physician’s instructions. You no longer need to stress about your medicine; Phoenix makes the entire process easy from start to finish.

Contact Phoenix Home Care Today

If you are ready to take the complexity out of your medication routine, contact the team at Phoenix Home Care in Independence today. We are proud to provide our clients with the resources and opportunities for new beginnings. Contact our team today at 888-830-2388 to learn more about our pharmacy service.

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