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How Often Should I Check on My Senior Relative?

Many adult children with aging parents worry that their visits are not frequent or lengthy enough. It can be difficult to balance visits to your parents with all your responsibilities, such as kids of your own, a career, friends, community commitments, and more.

You want to provide attention and affection for your loved ones while they may be receiving in-home care. Read on for tips from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice for making the most of your time with an aging relative. 

Why is isolation a home a problem for at-home care?

When seniors receive health care at home, they may feel isolation and loneliness despite having regular checks from medical staff. They still need to feel love, compassion, and appreciation from their loved ones, even if their adult children lead busy lives.

Isolation and loneliness can cause a host of health problems, from heart conditions and alcoholism to depression and premature death. 

How often should I check on my elderly loved one at home?

There is no easy answer to this question. You have a busy schedule, and you’ve asked your relative’s neighbors to stop by and check every couple of days. 

Although in-home care from Phoenix can help, our staff is no substitute for a family member stopping by and spending time for a few hours.

How often can you stop by the relative’s home? Is it on your route home from work? Can you set aside time on Saturday or Sunday? Consider weekly visits when you’re off of work already and your kids want to see grandma or grandpa.

What medical conditions necessitate frequent check-ins?

Your elderly loved one’s medical condition also comes into play. Did your senior adult just get out of the hospital? Does your relative suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer’s or dementia? Is your relative susceptible to falls? Consider visiting your relative every day or so. You can always call to assess your loved one’s mood and well-being before heading over.

How does community help the health of my elderly loved one?

Does your senior relative have a vibrant network of friends or neighbors who come by and talk to them? Friends can alleviate loneliness and brighten their day. If someone nearby comes over to chat every day, you can probably reduce visits to weekly.

Are quality of visits better than more visits?

Studies show that your senior adult relative needs quality over quantity. Longer visits that develop emotional bonding are more important than short, five-minute chats. If you’re concerned about your relative every day, make sure you set them up to answer the phone easily (even if they have limited mobility). Sometimes, a phone call offers the best way to check on someone’s condition. Consider longer visits on weekends to help your elder relative combat isolation and improve healing.

How can Phoenix Home Care & Hospice help my elderly loved one?

 Just because you can’t visit as you like doesn’t mean that your loved one feels lonely or abandoned. It’s about the quality of your visits and making sure that your loved ones know you care. To ensure that you are leaving your relatives in the best care possible, call Phoenix Home Care and rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

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