How Phoenix Home Care Helps With Occupational Therapy at Home

Occupational therapy helps your body recover from an injury, surgery, or a condition that restricts your physical movements. Phoenix Home Care’s skilled home health services team can provide you or your loved one with occupational therapy in the comfort of your own home. We explain in today’s blog.

Occupational Therapy Defined

Occupational therapy is a treatment for patients who are recovering from a physical or neurological illness that requires rehabilitation through the performance of ordinary daily tasks. For example, someone recovering from artificial hip surgery may need help to learn how to walk again through occupational therapy.

What We Do

Phoenix Home Care’s skilled home health staff goes through a methodical process to achieve the best results from occupational therapy.

Evaluation. We’ll evaluate each client holistically and on factors that affect their activities of daily living, including physical abilities, body functions, personal values, habits and routines, social environments, emotional regulation, and spiritual beliefs.

Selected approaches. After we evaluate, we’ll select the best approaches to help you get back to normal living in your home. Phoenix Home Care will promote your health and wellness by trying to restore your ability to perform daily living tasks. We’ll adapt your home to suit your needs, help you improve your physical abilities, and adapt physical activities as you regain your independence over time.

Processes. Several processes promote or enhance the safety and performance of your activities of daily living. We’ll train you in self-care, develop behavioral skills that improve your cognitive abilities, design physical activities that promote getting back to normal activities, and assess your progress along the way to a better quality of life and greater independence. Our staff will also give your loved ones some tips for helping you.

Therapies That Help

Occupational therapy has a wide range of implications. We’ll re-educate your muscles to adapt to your condition or help you recover from an injury or illness. Perceptual motor training helps you understand how to interact with your immediate environment. Fine motor skills include how to use utensils, a keyboard, or mobile devices. 

We also help you with any adaptive equipment or orthotics to help you get back to normal daily activities. For instance, we’ll assist with a walker, cane, crutches, wheelchair, or other such devices.

Phoenix Home Care & Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy employs techniques designed for you to resume normal activities of daily life. Returning to normal activities may be a struggle after suffering from an injury or illness. That’s why the staff at Phoenix Home Care’s skilled home health services team is here to help! Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 if you want more information on our occupational therapy services.

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