Iyanna Davis, LPN

Meet Iyanna Davis, LPN in the Independence region!

“I’m a nurturer by nature and love helping others. My passion was sparked as a kid helping my mother care for an elderly relative. The feeling it gave me was amazing. To be able to help others in their time of need brings joy to my heart.”

“I enjoy home care because it allows for care in an environment that is familiar to the client. People thrive better when they are able to be home with family and friends. Phoenix Home Care is a real advocate for their clients and their nurses. The best is the random cards I receive saying “thank you” and “you’re appreciated”. These cards go a long way to boost moral, especially on days I don’t feel up to the task. Being reminded that I am valued can turn my whole day around.”

“Phoenix is an awesome organization that values the work their nurses do to provide excellent care for their clients. Nursing management is always available to answer questions or a listening ear for concerns that may come up during the day. Especially when it’s been a rough day. That means a lot to me.”

“The X-factor for me is my 15+ years of experience working in different environments. This allows me to put myself in my client’s shoes. Seeing the world through their eyes allows me to provide the best care I can give. Providing care I would want to receive or I would want my family member to receive. Nursing is my passion. Even on the bad days I know I am making a difference.”

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