Janet Dean, In-Home Caregiver

Meet Janet Dean, In-Home Caregiver for the Springfield Region!

Janet has the passion to be a caregiver because she is a people person. Janet loves to care for clients and see them get better by helping them with anything they need. She loves her job as a caregiver at Phoenix Home Care & Hospice because it is rewarding and she can help them stay home where they are comfortable.

Janet heard about Phoenix Home Care and wanted to start a new journey in home care. She chose home care because she was interested in the medical field and helping people feel better.

Janet stated she thinks Phoenix Home Care is a good place to work, and it is laid back and stress free. She also likes that she doesn’t feel pressure and loves the support she receives from her team.

The X Factor is the personal and professional abilities of our nurses to use their experience, orientation to serve, skill set, optimism, passion & honesty to bring the very best care to our clients and their families

To Janet, the X-Factor means everything that provides a better environment for the clients and helps their lives be better.

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