Jessica Woodmansee, LPN

Meet Jessica Woodmansee, LPN in the Independence region!

“A good nurse is forever a student as well as a teacher. I enjoy the challenges that nursing can bring and the rewarding feeling knowing such a difference can be made just by your being there for a client and their family.”

“Having worked in long term care for many years, one can lose a sense of closeness to their clients or patients due to high acuities. Home care gives me the ability to focus on my client and provide one-on-one, quality care.”

“I have always heard nothing but great things about Phoneix and am very happy to be a part of this great team! Teamwork makes the dream work!”

“I would absolutely encourage others to join Phoenix. It is easy for a nurse to become burnt out, working with Phoenix gives you the ability to adjust your schedule to what works best for you and your family, while still being there for your client’s.”

“The X factor is everything. You can be one smart cookie and have the best nursing skills, but if you are unable to serve your skill set and knowledge with a caring, comforting affect, you may have a difficult time providing for your client’s that may be turned off to this. Part of being a nurse is ensuring your client’s and family members feel comforted by your being there.”

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