Kathy Smythe, RN

Meet Kathy Smythe! Kathy is an RN in the Springfield, MO area.

We asked Kathy to share with us what gives her the passion to do what she does. She said, “Love, wanting to help others to become as whole as possible and know they are special and loved.”

We asked Kathy to tell us why she chose Phoenix Home Care & Hospice. She replied, “I like to give one-on-one care. You can get to know them better and meet their needs. “

We asked Kathy to share what she would like people to know who are contemplating a career with Phoenix. She said, “It is a place where you matter and are important to the business, appreciated.”

To Kathy, the X-factor means, “To be able to successfully care for and meet the needs of each patient and their families.”

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