Kathy Upton

Meet Kathy Upton! Kathy is a caregiver in our Columbia region!

When asked, “What gives you the passion to do what you do?” Kathy replied, “I love taking care of people and making sure they can stay at home with their families. I think you should care for them as you want them cared for.”

“The staff I have worked with through there are very caring and passionate about their employees and are they’re there to help you and not put you in an uncomfortable spot.” 

We asked Kathy, “What would you like to tell others contemplating working at Phoenix Home Care?” She said, “I really enjoy it and they have a very helpful staff. They are there for you if you need something. They take care of their employees.”

When asked to share what the X factor means to her. Kathy replied, “Be honest and watch how you word stuff to clients and their family show them love and care the same way you want it. Also, comfort and help the family if they are having a hard time with something that is going on. It’s ok to go an extra mile to help the clients and or family.”

Interested in an opportunity to serve with Phoenix Home Care & Hospice like Kathy? Apply today at phoenixhomehc.com or call/text a recruiter at 855-881-7442.

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