Kim Murry, RN

Meet Kim Murry, RN at Phoenix Home Care & Hospice of Independence!

“I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and that has given me the passion to work with chronically ill children for PHC. I’ve always had a strong desire to work with special needs children and do amazing things. These children make me connect with what I love doing and makes me a “better me”.”

“I chose Homecare because I like the one on one environment. I can give 100% of myself to that client during my shift without feeling overwhelmed, like I have felt working in a nursing home or acute care Hospital. PHC office staff are so supportive, friendly, approachable and are there to coach me on if needed for support.”

“If you are a nurse contemplating working at Phoenix Homecare you need to try it. There is less stress dealing with one-on-one clients and it is more manageable than acute care nursing. The hours are often flexible and if you have to make changes in your schedule it is doable.”

“The x factor in nursing to me means that a nurse has a strong unpredictable positive influence on the quality and outcome of a child’s journey. It’s being that nurse that can master things the majority person can’t do. By giving quality care to a child’s life adds value to your nursing service. It means going above and maintaining that high standard of care to the child and family and bringing effortless joy to their lives.”

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