Kimberly Meyer

Meet Kimberly Meyer, Pediatric Nurse in our O’Fallon, MO region!

“Knowing that I am helping a child and their family live a better life by giving them care in their home makes it all worth it. I am passionate about quality care, the “little things” like assisting with ADLs and taking on a challenging case to push myself to learn more.”

Why Home Care & Why Phoenix?

“This is funny because after nursing school I was very much against home health and peds in general. I felt called to try something new after some time in LTC geriatrics. My first client and her family welcomed me with open arms and showed me that this is what I am meant to do. Phoenix has such a special place in my heart #1 because of the core faith values that the company stands on and #2 after I lost my first client, I was met with empathy, compassion and caring from all of the staff. I was allowed to grieve, I was frequently checked on by staff and when I was ready, placed with another incredible family.”

“Between flexibility, benefits, the staff’s willingness to place you with the right family and going above and beyond to make their nurses feel appreciated, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t work for Phoenix.”

“The X factor means that I can use what I have learned from school, past clients and current clients to care for some of the most amazing kids. I am encouraged to push myself and to learn more skills all the time. I can honestly say I look forward to going to work every day and being a small part of these families lives.”

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