Kimmy Burkhamer

Meet Kimmy Burkhamer, an outstanding caregiver in our Lebanon region!

“I just absolutely love taking care of people who need it the most. I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction out of their appreciation for what I do. I love to help people in need, I can’t help people financially but I can sure help them in other ways.”

“Phoenix was honestly just a random choice, I got an email promoting them through a job website and I said what the heck? Why not?? And I wouldn’t change a thing! I’ve never loved a job like I do this one, I genuinely feel like I’m family to the Phoenix team.”

“If being a caregiver is something you want to do, then don’t hesitate! And there is no better company to work for.”

“The X Factor to me is a guide to life essentially, if you take every aspect of it and apply it to your daily life, then you’re on the right track!”

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