Laura Johnson, LPN

Meet Laura Johnson! Laura is a LPN in the Columbia region!

“Since a young age, I have always had empathy and compassion for others. A natural instinct to care for and help those in need. I love to take time getting to know each client; finding out what they need in all aspects of their daily life. Being able to assist them and see them flourish, gives me great joy. I believe in treating each client as if they were a family member. Helping find ways to grow and improve; to be able to keep them home where they can be the most comfortable is what each deserves.”

“I believe in a Higher Power (whatever that may be for each person) and one of the first meetings, they shared a prayer; and it really touched me. When I do speak with my boss, I feel comfortable and know that they are treating me as family. I also really loved that I could pick the Hours I wanted to work. Being able to work around my family life, is really important to me.”

“If you love working one on one with clients and their families, or If you love being able to have a schedule that works around your family life, and leadership that treats you like family and wants to see you succeed; then pick Phoenix.”

“I have been in Health Care since I was 16 years old. I believe in treating ALL my clients and their families with compassion, empathy, and honesty. I get great joy in helping each learn, grow, and see them succeed in activities of daily living. Giving each the respect and dignity that they deserve is very important to me. I pour my heart into everything I do and I feel that it shows daily. I take great pride in what I do, and want all my clients to feel safe, comfortable and cared for.”

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