Message from Phil

It’s me again…

It’s a tradition.  Like clockwork, our Creator pulls out His box of watercolors and begins to paint.  It happens every year.  There is differentiation – sometimes the colors are vibrant and hot with reds and vivid oranges.  Sometimes they are more brownish with burnt sienna…based on how much water she has given the trees.

The secret is shared when the crisp air of fall unlocks it.

Like our Creator, the Melugin family has fall traditions.  When our kids were younger we used to find a pumpkin patch. We also enjoyed carving a scary jack-o-lantern together.  Now in early October we gather to decorate the front porch with hay, gourds and corn stalks.

Plus….we try find a way to see the aspens in Colorado every year.   We yearn to stand among them…take pictures…..breathe.  It is almost as if we praise the glory of summer and usher in the beauty, peacefulness and bounty of autumn.  It is a rite of passage to confirm a perfect fall for the Melugins.

Our family holds this secret to having our perfect season.  The secret is told when we share our pictures and re-tell our stories for years to come.

Each person we care for in Phoenix is the tip of yet another secret.  Their secret to what has made perfect traditions for all the moments of their lives.

We hold the key to unlock those secrets.  We simply ask.  We help place that special trinket that has stood atop a mantel each fall for decades.  We listen as the story is shared about a certain photograph.  We bring a bright mum as a Happy Fall surprise.  We unpack the child’s artwork that once hung proudly on the refrigerator.

They hire us and stay in their own homes for a reason.  It is where their hearts live.  And what feeds their hearts are not our memories….but their own.  Asking about their family’s fall traditions is the perfect way to unlock wonderful stories sure to connect two hearts.  We are in the business of creating heart connections with compassion, honesty and patience.

Please share your family’s traditions.  We would all love to read about them……

(I am sharing a couple of pictures that Kimberly and I took of some beautiful Colorado aspens we had the privilege of enjoying a couple of weeks ago.)

Enjoy making your Autumn memories!

Phil 🙂

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