Message from Phil – Feb 2017

LOVE – Is There Enough To Go Around!?

Hi Everyone,

Kimberly and I are working in our newest Phoenix branch today.

In an attempt to stay in good graces with Kimberly, Valentine’s week and all that comes with it has crossed my mind, more than once this week.  🙂

Beyond just Valentine’s week, February is the month of love; symbolized by hearts, flowers, chocolates, Valentine cards etc. And although I must admit I joyously succumb to the trappings, buying my Valentine the sappiest card and the longest stemmed roses. I know that “love” is so much more than things and February 14th.

I have been blessed to truly know love my entire life:

  • the love of God
  • the love of family
  • romantic love of husband and wife
  • the overwhelming parental love for a new child in your arms
  • the love of career and contribution
  • love for team and a sense of belonging
  • love of new additions to the family as your children mature and marry
  • and the amazing love brought forth by the first precious grandbaby.

To me the most amazing thing about love is its ability to exponentially grow. There is always more love to give. As Baby Finley (our first granddaughter, 11 months old) prepares to welcome her new sister (due in three weeks, Yes – Irish Twins), MORE than enough love is available to go around. We are just as excited to love this new addition as we were when Finley arrived.

As we welcome our new friends in Loveland, Colorado, MORE than enough love flows throughout the phone calls, emails, Skypes and visits. We bring the same love to this endeavor as we did when we opened Springfield almost six years ago, and many amazing branches between.

Love grows as long as we are willing to give it away!

Love ya!


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