Message from Phil – Dec 2018

Dear Teammate;

I love this time of year!  As our family grows, new traditions are made.  But the old ones always hold a very special place in my heart.  Sometimes they bring laughs and sometimes tears – – not of sadness, just deep gratitude for having experienced them. 

This year, Kimberly and I are in transition from the home we raised our kids in to an eventual New Beginning, where the next generation of memories and traditions will be made.  Our tree this year is, in fact, the smallest tree we have ever had, but it is still special.  I think of all the ornaments that have journeyed with us through the decades.  There are the pictures of the kids on Santa’s lap from Silver Dollar City.  There are the handmade ones from all the primary school years.  We often smile at the ornaments that we have collected from our vacations and share memories as each one found its place on the tree.  It’s that time of year when everything old is new again and we love it!

Among the ornaments is one that is wrapped with a mass of bubble wrap.  Once the protective casing is peeled away an ornament is found that reads, “Our First Christmas”.  It is 30 years old and was a gift the year Kimberly and I were married.  Hard to believe it has made it all these years!  It has been through a lot of moves and a lot of Christmases.  But because we took care of it and protected it – – – it has indeed survived, and each year holds a very special place of honor on our tree. 

Relationships are like that ornament.  Fragile.  Significant.  In need of care.  Sometimes we toss them into the box with no protection and let them knock around all year…getting a little more chipped and worn with change. 

I look at our team at Phoenix and see a precious collection of relationships. Each deserves a little bubble wrap as we venture into the New Year.  We remember our Axioms of Civility, our We Will Commitments, our 8 to Elevate and our Mission.  Those serve as the tissue paper and protection around our relationships – allowing each to soar to full potential and be sustained for all the years to come. 

Merry Christmas to our precious team and a very Happy New Year!

Much love,

Phil & Kimberly Melugin


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