Message from Phil – Nov 2019

Have you ever heard the statement that “EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN”!?

It’s November! I can’t believe another year is racing into its last quarter. We have all worked so hard. During this season of Thanksgiving, it is time to reflect and say thank you.

Why do we pause each Autumn and reflect on our blessings? I believe it is in our DNA. Our forefathers began this tradition all the way back in 1621.

The original travelers aboard the Mayflower were not in good shape. They were weary from their long journey across the sea. They had not landed at the predetermined destination. Most were afraid to get off the ship because of the Indians on land. Scurvy and disease had taken many of their family members. Life was hard.

But with faith and pure determination, a few jumped ship and began to forge relationships. One of the first was with the Pawtuxet Indian, Squanto who took pity on them and helped them learn to survive. He taught them to plant corn, extract sap from maple trees, hunt and fish. Soon the new colonists formed an alliance with the Wampanoag Indians and life once again included hope.

After their first successful corn harvest, the leader of the colony decided to say thank you in a most appropriate way. They invited their friends to their tables and they feasted. For the first time, the Pilgrims and the Indians broke bread, ate deer, turkey and fish. And all enjoyed bowls of delicious corn.

When I read the story of the first Thanksgiving, I hear a tale of New Beginnings. In 1620, no one was in a good place. No one was thriving and living life as once dreamed. It took partnerships and trusting relationships of patience, honesty and compassion to forge a new beginning.

I am also reminded that a by-product of a new beginning is HOPE.

So many of those we serve are not in a good place when they first come to us. Life has been hard and not as planned. It is through us they find their New Beginning and their hope.

On that day in 1621 the New Beginning of eating together and saying thank you for blessings granted changed the world. Today we do the same thing, in exactly the same way, for exactly the same reasons. We wrap the year with gratitude and launch our new beginnings with hope.

Everything old is new again.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I say thank you. Thank you for your hard work, your loyalty, your kindness to your clients/patients, your heart. Thank you most of all for working each day to create New Beginnings which in turn produce HOPE!

Well wishes for a Blessed Thanksgiving,


Kimberly Melugin, Co-owner

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