Paige Howsden, LPN

Meet Paige Howsden, LPN in the St. Louis region!   

“My passion for nursing stems from being influenced by two people in my life, who I helped care for when they could no longer do everything themselves. Caring for a loved one taught me to love nursing by making a difference in the lives of others. The early foundation I acquired has led me to have constant reminders throughout my healthcare career of what really matters. Despite the challenges, it is a calling and a love unending.” 

“I love the opportunity home health care gives to families. I believe that by being able to keep a loved one at home while still receiving nursing care is a benefit not only to the patient but to the entire family. So by being able to be a home health nurse, I feel that I am able to help in a big way. As a nurse, I love having one patient at a time where I can give them the best quality care that I can. I love Phoenix strives to have Christ-like values in their care, and that they are focused on improving the quality of care in the home setting.”  

“Working with Phoenix is a great opportunity for new or experienced nurses. I really enjoy being part of the Phoenix team, anything you need they always do their best to help you.”  

“To me the X factor is something that every day you choose to implement in your life. By having the X factor as a goal to achieve you are making a real difference and improving a situation.” 

We would like to end this spotlight with a shoutout from Paiges’ supervisor. “Paige’s work ethic and flexibility stands out. She is always willing to jump in and cover shifts even if she has never been to the client’s home. She has a desire to learn and will take on any challenge. Every home she enters instantly loves her and wants her on full time. That says a great deal about her character. I believe she has a bright future with Phoenix because she exhibits the qualities that we value in our nurses.” -Karen

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