Patrick Westermayer, LPN

Meet Patrick Westermayer, LPN! Patrick is a nurse in our Private Duty Nursing (pediatric) program in the Independence region!

“I’ve always had strong desire to help others. It probably stems from coming from a family of 10 kids.”

“No one likes to be in the hospital. It’s cold, the bed are uncomfortable and it is boring and all you have to look forward to is getting out. Home is so much better. At home you have your own bed, toys, your pets, and you can go out and see a movie and catch a game in between or during treatments. So I chose to work in home care and Phoenix because I get a great since of accomplishment from keeping this kiddos at home.”

“Phoenix is the most rewarding and the most fun jobs I’ve ever had. What other jobs allows you to play with Nerf guns in the downtime between treatments/meds.”

“Listening to the families and treating the patients like kids and not just patients is very important because, sure, they might be sick, but they might like superheroes, or video games, etc… Finding those interests and including them into the shift is incredibly rewarding because that way you see them smile more and that is what the job is all about.”

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