Poetry Contest Winners

In honor of World Poetry Day on March 21, some of our Leadership team were encouraged to participate in a poetry contest. We asked them to write about Phoenix. Our President & CEO himself, Phil Melugin, graciously did the judging for us.

Congratulations to Ursula Gorman and Audra Cummings!

Their thoughtful, winning poems are now proudly displayed on our website and social media. Ursula was awarded first place, and Audra took second place. It’s an honor to share their thoughtful words.

– – – – – –

Together We Will Soar

Written by Ursula Gorman

There are many challenges in this life,
Challenges that bring stress and strife. 

Our eyes may grow dim and our strength may wane, 
But to be alone and struggling is in vain. 

Phoenix Home Care will be there, 
To help alleviate the burden you bear. 

From small tasks that drain your strength, 
To providing care and love we will go to great length. 

Phoenix adores those in our care, 
With you we have so much love to share. 

From the very young, to the young at heart, 
Everyone deserves a New Beginning of which Phoenix wants only to be a part. 

Compassion is at our inner core, 
With Phoenix you aren’t alone, and together we will Soar! 

– – – – – –

Phoenix Soaring

Written by Audra Cummings

The ashes smoldered, destruction complete 
Tendrils of smoke claimed the defeat 
Then something stirred in the embers soft glow 
A dream not defeated by the strength of it’s foe 

From this dream Phoenix Home Care became 
A company of worth no others could claim 
Serving clients with compassionate care 
True to the commitment to always be there 

Compassion, honesty, and patience are things 
Phoenix holds under it’s wings 
Guiding our steps as we make choices 
And lending strength to our voices 

Rising to challenges we face every day
Encouraging those we reach on the way 
We strive to be the best in this Field 
And to our competitors we will not yield 

We are Phoenix and like lions we roar 
We are Phoenix, and as Phoenix we SOAR!

(Pictured above, from left to right: Audra Cummings, and Ursula Gorman)

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