Rebecca Wischmeyer RN, BSN

Meet Rebecca Wischmeyer RN, BSN! Rebecca has been a Phoenix RN in the Columbia region since July 2016!

“I have been a RN since 1978, and a CNA from 1970. This is all I know in life…to care for people. My last 15 years at the Truman VA Hospital was in their Emergency Department. There I have learned to use all of the nursing skill that I was taught in Nursing school. It is a good feeling to see a person get better once they return home.”

“I have been to two other home care agency, Phoenix is more dedicated and caring to the staff and their patients. After retiring from the VA, I was young enough to continue with nursing. Home care agency is much easier on lifting, pulling, pushing, and walking on concrete floors.

“This kind of work is self-motivating. You are the one that sets up your schedule. There is a lot of work with Home Health but once you get used to it; you will love it.”

“I like to travel. I like working with our veterans. I also like accounting and data basing.”

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