Santa Visits Phoenix Home Care’s St. Louis Office

Santa visited with some very special kiddos, families and staff through the St Louis office….

phoenix-home-care-santa-26 phoenix-home-care-santa-25 phoenix-home-care-santa-24 phoenix-home-care-santa-23 phoenix-home-care-santa-22 phoenix-home-care-santa-4 phoenix-home-care-santa-3 phoenix-home-care-santa-2 phoenix-home-care-santa-1 phoenix-home-care-santa-21 phoenix-home-care-santa-20 phoenix-home-care-santa-19 phoenix-home-care-santa-18 phoenix-home-care-santa-17 phoenix-home-care-santa-16 phoenix-home-care-santa-15 phoenix-home-care-santa-14 phoenix-home-care-santa-13 phoenix-home-care-santa-12 phoenix-home-care-santa-11 phoenix-home-care-santa-10 phoenix-home-care-santa-9 phoenix-home-care-santa-8 phoenix-home-care-santa-7 phoenix-home-care-santa-6 phoenix-home-care-santa-5

phoenix-home-care-santa-33 phoenix-home-care-santa-32 phoenix-home-care-santa-31 phoenix-home-care-santa-30 phoenix-home-care-santa-29 phoenix-home-care-santa-28 phoenix-home-care-santa-27 phoenix-home-care-santa-45 phoenix-home-care-santa-44 phoenix-home-care-santa-43 phoenix-home-care-santa-42 phoenix-home-care-santa-41 phoenix-home-care-santa-40 phoenix-home-care-santa-39 phoenix-home-care-santa-38 phoenix-home-care-santa-37 phoenix-home-care-santa-36 phoenix-home-care-santa-35 phoenix-home-care-santa-34

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