Sharon Bangole

Meet Sharon Bangole, a dedicated Phoenix Caregiver! “Sharon is the epitome of what it means to be an amazing caregiver. Not only has she taken on shifts at the last minute, but she has been an exemplary team player when it comes to accepting shifts that no other caregiver would. 

Sharon always has a smile on her face and is ready to work no matter how long it takes. Sharon IS the X Factor! Sharon has the proven skill set, the optimism, the experience, the orientation to serve and the christ-like values of compassion, honesty and patience. Sharon also works with my mother and every time I speak to my mother, I always hear such wonderful remarks about how Sharon is such a kindhearted person. Recently my mother needed someone to help her over the weekend and Sharon willingly took the initiative to take on the 8 hour shift that was scheduled at the last minute to go and sit with my mother to make sure she had help throughout the entire day. Coming from a supervisors standpoint, Sharon is the perfect example of what any dedicated employee should be. But it also makes me extremely happy to know that Sharon has really made my mother feel well taken care of! As the daughter to a Phoenix client, I feel very confident and proud in all the hard work that Sharon does for my mother! 

Overall, Sharon is the type of Caregiver that I look for when I hire new caregivers. Sharon has proven that not only is she a hard worker, but that she IS Phoenix Material!”-Danielle, Sharon’s supervisor

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