Sheila Wilson RN BSN

Meet Sheila Wilson RN BSN! Sheila is an RN in our Springfield region. 

“I have the passion to do what I do because God called me to care for children as a teen. I followed that call for over twenty years teaching in private Christian Schools, and as a pastor’s wife. While teaching children, my life was forever changed. I had the privilege of working with special needs children and became a home base teacher. These children had physical challenges that made it impossible for them to attend a classroom setting. Some had round the clock nursing care. One such angel was nonverbal, bedfast, and only able to move one arm. I was told not to expect any response, but I read stories, played games, and signed “yes” and “no”, hoping to bring this child some joy. Soon I got smiles, then giggles, and laughter as responses. One day while reading a story, this child made a game of turning their head away, giggling. I went around the bed and said, “Hey, look at the book!” Again, laughter and turning their head the opposite direction. By this time I was laughing and going from one side of the bed to the other, playing along. Knowing the child didn’t like baths, the nurse playfully teased, “You better cooperate or I’ll give you a bath.” The child who hadn’t been able to communicate their entire life, suddenly signed the word, “NO!” The nurse was stunned. I was exclaiming “Great job!” with tears running down my face. I wish I could tell you that the child made progress, but a short time later, my student declined with no hope of recovery. My only comfort is knowing that for one moment of one day, I was able to give that precious child a voice for the first time in their life. It made my passion for helping others even stronger and I returned to school within a year to study nursing.”

“Although I pursued nursing opportunities in other settings, my passion is working with children. Phoenix allows me to combine my nursing skills with my previous knowledge to help meet my patient’s needs.”

“As I recently shared with a young caregiver friend, after working in various settings, I can say working with my patient at Phoenix has been the most rewarding of my nursing career. I’m able to help meet the needs of both my patient and his family in their home.”

“At Phoenix the X Factor is a representation of what separates average from excellence. This applies not only to nursing staff and caregivers, but to office staff and leadership alike. Phoenix provides a positive work environment based in Christian values. Here, rather than wasting precious energy with internal conflict, the true focus is providing the best possible care for our patients and their families. Phoenix has the most ethical leadership and staff I’ve encountered in nursing to date and I’m thankful that God lead me here. When my former student passed away, I received a message with his obituary from one of my former supervisors, thanking me for making a difference in his life. But truth be told, he made a difference in mine. That’s why I’m here, to bring joy into the lives of others by being the hands and feet of Jesus. I believe that’s why Phoenix exists as well. It goes beyond the walls of the office. True excellence is woven into the fabric of the person. It’s why Phoenix is involved in the community, and why I’m involved in helping establish a special needs children’s program and sensory room at my church. Helping children reach their full potential and live their best life is what it’s all about.”

Stop by our Springfield office to see what we’re all about.

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