Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Care

As your loved ones age, you may begin to notice signs that they need additional care. Home care can be beneficial for aging seniors, as it provides extra help with their health as well as tasks around the home. If you’re considering home care for someone in your life, read on as Phoenix Home Care discusses the signs that someone you know may need home health care.

Unfinished Chores

While everyone forgets to do the dishes now and then, if you’re noticing piles of trash or baskets of laundry sitting undone, you may want to think about home health care. Signs of neglect in the home can mean that these tasks may now be too difficult for them to get done and they may need extra help.

Poor Nutrition

A poor diet can be a telling sign that your loved ones may need in-home services. Other signs may include:

  • Dusty food pantry items
  • Multiples of the same thing due to forgetfulness
  • Stacks of frozen dinners due to the difficulty of cooking
  • Moldy or expired food items

It’s essential that seniors receive a healthy and nutritious diet as they age. If you notice any of these signs in their home, it’s probably time they receive home care.

Increased Injuries

While they may not admit it, older people tend to fall more frequently than others. If you see any fresh bruising on their arms or legs, or you notice they have difficulty walking or moving around, this can indicate a need for home care.

Health Issues

If a loved one recently had a bad fall or is still recovering from a recent illness, a home health aide could assist them during the recovery process. A home health aide can monitor any ongoing health conditions and note any changes, such as new bruising, weight gain, weight loss, or cognitive problems.

Trust Phoenix Home Care

If you’re looking into getting a home health care professional for your loved one, trust Phoenix Home Care. We are genuinely passionate about what we do and would love to have an equally excited member on our team. If you believe you’re a good fit for us, contact us today.

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