4 Social Work Career Fields That Students May Consider

Are you considering a career in social work? Are you the type of person who loves to work with people? Luckily, for students pursuing a social work degree, the field is very diverse and allows you to work in a job that interests you. The Phoenix Home Care team has compiled a few careers within the social work field to help you figure out if it’s the right path for you.

Social Work Career Fields

  • Medical Social Work – This is the field that Phoenix Home Care specializes in. Medical social workers help individuals and families who are ill or have health-related issues. Medical social workers generally work either in a hospital or with in-home patients; whether it is assisting seniors with their day-to-day lives, providing in-home treatment, or helping families cope with a loved one’s health issues. The medical field is extremely rewarding and, in our admittedly biased opinion, an excellent choice for anyone interested in pursuing a social work career. 
  • Family and School Social Work – Family and school social workers assist families and children with psychological and social struggles. These individuals assist people with problems at home or at school and often find employment in foster care agencies, government programs, or in schools. For students interested in helping young people, this is an excellent career path to follow.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse – For students interested in therapy and counseling, mental health or substance abuse social work may be an option for you. These workers help individuals through some very trying, difficult times. While many jobs in this field require a Masters in Social Work, this can certainly be a rewarding choice for those interested in working in the mental health field. 
  • Military Social Work – Many people don’t think of the military when they consider social work; however, the field continues to grow each year. These social workers help service members and their families deal with the challenges inherent in military life. With hundreds of thousands of veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress, this is certainly a growing field where workers can do a lot of good.

These are some of the most prevalent fields in social work, but there are other options as well. Community work, administration, research, and even teaching are all options for a student considering social work. Whatever you choose, know that a career in social work can be challenging, but is very rewarding in the end. 

Start Your Career at Phoenix Home Care

Phoenix Home Care is committed to improving the quality of life of the people we serve. Our team understands how vital compassion and understanding are in the social work field. If you are looking for a company as committed to these concepts as you are, apply to join the Phoenix team today.

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