Spotlight on Carol Brown, LPN, from Independence

“I love being a nurse and taking care of the sweet little ones in their home so they can be around their families while they are getting well.”
“Phoenix is the first home health care company I have worked for. I have previously worked in geriatrics, nursing homes, hospitals and chronic care clinic. Home care had always been something I wanted to do and finally I just decided to go for it. I have been with Phoenix for almost a year, and I wish I would have found this company sooner! I love one-on-one care and getting to know a client so well that I can know how they are feeling just by a look in their eyes. You can’t do that in a hospital when you have so many patients to care for. This is the first job that I have had that I knew I could do until I retire.
“I would tell anyone wanting to work for Phoenix that they are uniquely based on Christian values, and that is what drew me to the company in the beginning. Phoenix truly cares, and I have always felt supported by those working in the office. Everyone is so warm, giving and understanding, and I love that I can have a flexible schedule while doing something that I love.
“The X Factor to me means putting in that extra bit of care and commitment for the clients and their families. When you do home care you truly feel like you become part of the family. I am there when they get up in the morning, and there to witness milestone moments and have become integrated into the family.”
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