Stephanie Ortega

Meet Stephanie Ortega, a soaring caregiver in our Independence region!

“What gives me the passion to do what I do is my selflessness. I love what I do everyday, being able to help others and make them feel at home!”

” I chose Home Care & Phoenix because they give me the opportunity to grow and learn new things with clients. I am able to learn and do my job at the same time.”

“This is definitely a place to grow career wise. We all have to start somewhere & Phoenix allows that to happen. You have the opportunity to do something nice for someone else. Definitely would not think about this twice. We are here to care for others as they have trusted us to do so.”

“The X factor for me means that we bring & use our past knowledge to life as we care for the clients here at Phoenix to fulfill them in their everyday needs as well as we can. This is definitely a key to being able to care for others.”

Visit our Independence office today!

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