Tiara Ingram

Say hello to employee spotlight, Tiara Ingram! 

Tiara is a caregiver from our Overland Park team and has been in Home Care for 3 years. 

We asked Tiara, what gives you the passion to do what you do? 

“I came from not so good of a childhood. And growing up I always felt that I didn’t have support or help for most of my challenges. Now that I’m older I absolutely love helping others. No matter the sort of need. It makes my heart complete to know that I can help our clients all the while helping them keep their independence and the pride that they have from day to day.” 

Her passion is evident to those around her. One coworker shared, “Tiara is such a light to be around not only for her client’s but also anyone she has come in contact with at Phoenix. We appreciate having her on our PDC team!” 

Thank you for making a lasting impact, Tiara! 

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