Tips for New Nurses

Whether you have chosen to work in the field of hospice or opted to embrace a career in home health care, being a nurse isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Every day that you go to work, you will have a chance to be a positive force in the lives of your patients and their families as you provide vital support to people struggling to deal with trying times. Are you ready to get started? Using these tips for new nurses can help smooth your path as you begin your professional journey.

When attending to patients in their homes, nurses are called on to offer medical services, physical assistance, and emotional support. It’s a chance to make a difference on a personal level. Although practice may not lead to perfection, it does provide valuable experience that can help you complete your assigned tasks more effectively. As you embark on a career as a hospice nurse or a home health care nurse, implementing advice from those already thriving in the field can help you move forward with greater confidence and allow you to provide exemplary care to your patients. When asked about tips for new nurses, what do veteran nurses suggest?

Ask Questions

No one has all the answers. Every situation can present unique challenges, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. Asking does not make you look silly or unprepared; it makes you look smart. That’s because asking questions when necessary demonstrates a commitment to patient safety, prevents mistakes, and establishes a willingness to learn. When you receive helpful answers to the questions you ask, be sure to take notes so that you don’t forget your newfound wisdom.

Make It a Point to Really Listen to Your Patients

Patients are more than a series of symptoms. They are people, and they know their bodies in ways that no medical professional can compete with. If a patient says something feels off, do not dismiss it as par for the course. Ask questions and treat their concerns with respect. By doing so, you will inspire confidence, offer comfort, and provide better care. In some cases, simply listening is enough. On other occasions, really hearing what your patient is saying can provide invaluable insight and lead to better treatment.

Strive for Optimal Organization

Nurses have a lot on their plate. With patient care, paperwork, and other responsibilities, organization is vital. What is the best way to get organized? It’s the system that works for you. Whether you opt for pen and paper or use a smartphone app to keep everything straight, develop a system that allows you to keep track of what needs to be done and prioritize those tasks appropriately.

Practice Empathy

Do you want to be a more effective caregiver? Try to imagine what it is like to deal with physical limitations, constantly needing assistance, losing a loved one, or facing your own mortality. Attempting to put yourself in your patient’s shoes can help you blend the clinical with the practical and make it easier for you to anticipate what your patient might need. In addition, an empathetic response can make your patients feel more cared for.

Be Professional

While being empathetic can be helpful in forging connections with your patients, it’s also important to remain professional. Being calm, confident, and clear-headed helps patients feel more secure and allows you to function more efficiently in high-pressure situations. Establishing a little professional distance is also vital for your own mental health. Drawing boundaries between the personal and the professional can be challenging, but it is crucial in allowing health care professionals to consistently deliver quality care effectively.

Prioritize Self-Care

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish – it’s necessary. After all, who will take care of the patients if the nurses are ill? It’s a simple fact: You cannot deliver top-notch care when you’re running on empty. While there will occasionally be days when caffeine and sugar are your best friends, make it a habit to fuel your body with healthy snacks and beverages. Take bathroom breaks as needed. When you’re not on the clock, recharge your batteries by making time for hobbies, fun, and family and friends. Though it may seem like a side note, prioritizing self-care is one of our most important tips for new nurses.


At Phoenix Home Care, we are committed to perpetuating positive attitudes and improving the quality of life of the people we serve. We understand that succeeding in our mission of providing excellent home health and hospice care services means filling our ranks with skilled caregivers and clinicians. That’s why we offer meaningful opportunities to nurses and other professionals. Would a place on our team be a perfect fit for you? Whether you’re a new nurse or an experienced professional looking for a new opportunity, we encourage you to visit our career page and explore the possibilities. You’ll be able to learn about upcoming hiring events, search for job openings, peruse job descriptions, and scroll through listings for open positions at our many locations in Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and Kansas. To discover more about Phoenix Home Care, contact us today.

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