Unrest- A Statement from Phoenix Home Care & Hospice

During this time of national conflict, we, at Phoenix Home Care and Hospice, feel compelled to make a statement.

Our mission guides us to “offer new beginnings and meaningful opportunities to caregivers and clinicians while providing home care services to our clients built on innovation, skill, and Christ-like values of patience, honesty, and compassion.”

Patience requires us to listen and understand.

Honesty directs us to non-biased truth.

Compassion insists on the acts of empathy and agape love.

Living this mission does not allow for inequality or even the possibility of negative slant toward any race, nationality, nor religion.

President and owner, Phil Melugin states,

[su_quote]I can find no greater example of Christ’s love than that of home care. On numerous occasions Christ entered homes to tend to the sick, lame, and dying. It is with this model of love we enter the homes of all we serve. All people, without judgement or prejudice.”[/su_quote]

At Phoenix Home Care and Hospice, we continue to pray for God to Bless America and her people.

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