Vanessa Cuellar

Vanessa Cuellar is an LPN in our Southeast Missouri Region. She has a passion for being a nurse and working for Phoenix.

“I love people, and have always been the caretaker type. I was about 19, and my mom was in a major car accident, and when I was taking care of her she suggested I should be a nurse. I never considered that before. I became a CNA first, and when the time was right I attained my LPN. Work has never felt the same since. I absolutely love what I do.”

“I decided Home Care for personal reasons. I have people in my life who need and are given care at home, and to do so takes a caring person with whom you can trust. I chose Phoenix because I am familiar with some of the care offered by them, and they have wonderful nurses.”

“Phoenix Home Care is an awesome company to become a part of. The office staff and the nurses are incredible people to be a team member with, and the environment is warm and welcoming like family. They offer flexible hours and wonderful benefits. Most of all, you can really make a difference in someone’s life, and that is the biggest reward as a nurse.”

“The X Factor is guidelines for providing the best possible care for our patient. Nurses should be compassionate, goal-oriented, and always learning from experiences; how can you improve the skills you have and provide more? It’s about putting your skills to use to provide optimal care.”

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