What are you most afraid of?

This question sparked a lively conversation at dinner.  The network news had just shown pictures of the devastation from the tornadoes in Alabama. The woman from California confessed, “Oh my goodness, those tornados terrify me.  I would never live somewhere where tornados were common!” I thought to myself, “Oh no… living on an active fault line is soooooo much less terrifying!” The gentleman from Florida replied, “Not for me… the thought of being caught in my car during an earthquake scares me!” I also thought to myself again, “Hey Buddy – – you are smack dab in hurricane central – living on a peninsula.  That should keep you up at night!” My Colorado friend shared a fear of flash floods in flatlands. And the circle closed complete when the man from the heart of tornado alley confessed his fear of snow landslides in the mountains.

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We are afraid of that which we only imagine – not that which we face and conquer each day. 

Those who live with tornado threats have basements.
Those who walk on ground that cracks build flexible walls and strong archways.
Those who stand on sandy shores buy extra shutters and lots of fresh bottles of water.
Landslide prone neighborhoods blast shaky slopes before they enter.
And those respectful of flash floods watch the skies.

The secret of conquering fears is found in the act of planning and vision.  Our clients often face unknown fears with trepidation and angst.
With our empathy, compassion and knowledge we must show them how to weather the circumstances and prepare to ride through to their new beginning.

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What scares me the most?

“Being alone – 1st without my family and 2nd my team.”  With team in mind, every day I plan and prepare for there always to be a great place to work for the people of Phoenix Home Care.

I feel blessed every day to share another day making a difference with each of you!

Phil Melugin
President, Owner

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