What Is CareAcademy? Phoenix Home Care Explains

Phoenix Home Care & Hospice entered a new phase of our training program back in 2019. That’s when we decided to use CareAcademy as part of our caregiver education training. CareAcademy works perfectly with our own PHC University training program, and we’re proud to call CareAcademy our partner. 

What Is CareAcademy?

CareAcademy helps ensure our caregivers stay in compliance with all healthcare regulations, including COVID-19 guidelines for direct care workers administering care in people’s homes. CareAcademy offered this COVID-19 class for free. The technology company has training packages for every state, 60 state-approved classes available 24/7, and webinars that help with a variety of issues facing home health agencies today.

Why Did We Choose CareAcademy?

Gwen Beebe, Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Phoenix Home Care and Hospice, had this to say about CareAcademy.

“Quality caregiver training is essential to providing a high level of care for our clients. … CareAcademy helps us provide a high level of training and care to our clients across a large pool of employees.”

President and Owner Phil Melugin had this to say about CareAcademy’s ability to educate Phoenix caregivers from anywhere and at any time.

“There are many home health care agencies in the marketplace. On the outside, they all look pretty much the same. It’s what’s inside that matters — the culture. Phoenix Home Care & Hospice has set out to distinguish ourselves through the selection of employees, the client-focused training, highly skilled caregivers, and the value-based leadership practices of our management. With CareAcademy, client-specific training is delivered to caregivers immediately. This level of accessibility is beneficial for the caregivers, which impacts the client’s experience.”

How CareAcademy Improves Your Care

CareAcademy allows caregivers to learn the specifics of their trade on their own terms. The software auto-assigns training modules based on state requirements (Phoenix works in four states, as of 2020). Staff receives reminders when caregivers need to take annual compliance exams or recertifications. We can even prepare caregivers for specific clients who have specific needs through individualized classes. 

As a whole, CareAcademy lets us improve the quality of care across more than 1,250 employees at more than a dozen locations in the Midwest. Team leaders know who needs to pass what classes and at what time. It’s all part of taking responsibility for our actions as outlined in our core values.

Phoenix Home Care & CareAcademy

Phoenix Home Care wants you to live your best life. As such, we’ve partnered with CareAcademy to ensure our caregivers receive the best training possible so you can get the best care possible at home. Contact Phoenix Home Care or call toll-free 1-888-830-2388 if you have questions about our in-home services.

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